Leadership Review: Gaining Market Share
The common belief once prevalent in many parts of ancient Greece, China and India, as well as numerous "pre-state" cultures, is that the Earth was flat. One has to wonder why such brilliant minds would hold such an unenlightened point of view. As history well notes, the theory of a flat earth was eventually replaced with the truth of our spherical world.

However, in our modern setting, is it again possible to claim the earth is indeed flat? Yes — not as it relates to cosmological dynamics but more so in how the micro/macroeconomic and technological advancements have shaped the global playing field. A glance at the world’s fastest-growing economies as projected by World Bank GDP data in 2017 — a list topped by Ethiopia — is evidence of this enough.  Read more >
Leadership Review: Resolving High-Level Conflict
There was a point early in my career when I was afforded the opportunity to work closely with the senior leadership team of a budding organization. One morning, a colleague pulled me aside for a water cooler chat and mentioned that some of the top brass were not seeing eye to eye over a matter. She said she disliked it when this happened because it had of way of throwing the entire company out of alignment. Being that I was new to the enterprise, I wasn’t able to provide as much input as a more seasoned vocal leader. So I made a mental note of the situation, appreciating the lesson held within.  Read more >
Leadership Review: Embracing Impactful Technologies
Change is inevitable. Much of the state of our current environment is like the process of preparing scrambled eggs: We first take the egg and crack it open and allow the contents of the shell to flow into a bowl of some sort. Let’s say decentralized systems and new technologies represent the thin and thick egg white, and established systems and core processes represent the yolk. The yolk flows to the middle of bowl, and the egg white remains on the outer edge, surrounding the yolk. Now, we take a whisk and begin swirling it around and around the outside areas, beginning a strong, circular rotation of the white. Sooner or later, the yolk will be affected by this motion and become engulfed in the spinning vibrations and energies of the egg white. It’s not a matter of if in most cases; it’s a matter of when.  Read more >